50/100/300W Aquarium Fish Tank Water Heater Rod Automatic hermostat Submersible

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Thermoregulator:Temperature control range: 24℃-32℃,Split control, simple and convenient

Product advantages :

1,Explosion-proof Quartz tube,high quality ,it suitable for freshwater and seawater

2,It can absorb the radiation when the heating wire is heated, which is beneficial to the health of the organism.

3,Heat-conducting Medium:sing white corundum heat transfer medium,fast heat conduction and low heat loss,Eliminate the high pressure impact caused by high temperature in the rod body,Effective explosion protection ,more safer.

4,automatic temperature,Precise temperature control.

5,Thermoregulator:Temperature control range: 24℃-32℃,Split control, simple and convenient

6.Cutting off electricity after it's off water



Color: White ,black

Material: Glass and plastic case

Plug: US Plug if you are not US PLUG, please buy a converter

Voltage: 220-240V, This heater is 220-240V not suitable in the countries that use 110V , such as USA Japan Canada North Korea and so on.

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Temperature Range: 24℃-32℃




1. This item are suitable for freshwater and seawater

2. The heating rod must be totally immerged into water and no exposure is allowed.

3. When the indicator light is on, it is working.

4. Before cleaning the aquarium or heating rod, please turn off the power for 15-20 minutes to cool off the heating rod, or you will be burned.


Package List:

1 * Heating Rod

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