220-240V Aquarium water Heater with LED Temperature Display 50W/100W/300W/500w/800w/1000w/1200w/1500w

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Aquarium water Heater with LED Temperature Display

Aquarium water Heater with LED Temperature Display


Multi-function LED Numerical Control Display Heater

★ Adopts advanced integrated circuit technology;

★ Perfect function design, skillful speculation, generous square appearance, large LED display.

★ It can clearly and accurately display the temperature in the water, highlighting the noble and natural color of the aquarium.



√ LED digital display electronic temperature control

√ Off-waster blackout protection

√ Auto heat- off protection over

√ With a tolerange lees than 0.5C

√ Touching button control temperature circularly

√ Split quartz heater explosion


√ The stylish design is more conducive to small fish tanks.

√ Internal setting over-temperature protection system When the temperature exceeds 35 °C, the LED display shows that HH does not stop flashing.

√ The automatic constant temperature function, when the water temperature reaches the set temperature value, will automatically cut off the hot water temperature when it is lower than the set temperature value.

√ The automatic heating cycle maintains the water temperature.

√ The touch button is used for temperature adjustment, which is simple and convenient to use.

√ Temperature sensitive, temperature accuracy ± 1 ° C.


How to Maintain

. After using the heating rod for a period of time, the precipitation of dirt on the outer glass tube will affect the heating effect, and it will be washed once with water for about half a year.

. When you do not need a heating rod, clean it and place it in a place where children are not easily accessible.

. If you find that the product has quality problems during the warranty period, please return it to the dealer or our factory for repair.


Caution of Use

.  Please check if the product uses a matching grid voltage.

.  This product cannot be disassembled or repaired or modified By yourself.

.  The heating rod should be completely immersed in water and should not be exposed to the water surface.

.  This heating rod is made of quartz glass components and cannot be easily damaged.

.  Turn off the power supply 10 minutes before cleaning the sink or servicing the heater.

.  When removing the heating rod, you cannot directly pull the power cord to extract the heating rod.

.  The power outlet to which the product is connected must have a leakage disconnect switch.

.  This product must be used in a place that children cannot reach.


Product Parameters

Model: Cs series digital heating rod

Rated power: 50W/100w/300W/500w/800w/1000w/1200w/1500w

Voltage: AC220-240V, 50Hz/60Hz

Temperature control range: 17°C: 34°C light touch temperature control heating precision ± 1 °C


Please Note

Please do not use wet hands during installation or maintenance cleaning.



It is widely used in various aquariums. This heating rod must be completely used in water. Never leave the water surface for heating. Please install and operate it properly.


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