10PCS Biochemical Ball With Cotton Large Bio-Bacteria Bacillus Spheroid Fish Tank Biochemical Filter Material

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Fish Tank Biochemical Filter Material

Feature :
Role: biological ball is a plastic material made of hollow spheres, its surface area is large, can be a large number of attached nitrifying bacteria. Water flow will not produce resistance, the hollow structure can be water into a small stream, and large pieces of dirt crushed, the filter effect is excellent. As the biological ball light weight, easy to carry, it can not only be used in seawater biochemical filtration system, but also in fresh water biochemical filtration system. The principle of biochemical ball is to let the flow through the distribution in the internal twists and turns of the space, to extend the flow of time, coupled with the patchwork of the multi-column structure attached to the nitrifying bacteria to achieve the effect of biochemical filtration. Each of the aquarium filter, are limited, put the biochemical ball filter space will not be too big, but that is by virtue of biochemical ball this function to make up for the lack of filter space

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