Aquarium Accessories Nano Bubble Stone Air Fining Device Oxygen Mute Pump

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Nano Bubble Stone

Bubble Stone Air Fining Device

Tank Aerator Pump Head

Oxygen Pump Mute Low Pressure Bubble Sand Table

Aquarium Accessories Nano Bubble Stone  Air Fining Device Oxygen Mute Pump



Create Lots Of Thin Bubbles In Fish Tank, Make Dazzling Curtain Effect

Tips: You Will Have Great Bubbles If You Use Air Pump Over 5W (Air Pump Is Not Included

Great To Add Oxygen To Your Hydroponic Growing System: Increase Oxygen Levels, Lower Co2 And Raise Ph

Suction Cup Makes The Air Stone Adsorbed On The Tank Firmly

Durable, Great For Home, Office Fish Tank, Ponds, Aquarium And Hydroponic Nutrient Tanks



Material: Abs+ Ceramic

Size: T23 Diameter 23Mm,T50 Diameter 50Mm, T100 Diameter 100Mm, T15 Diameter 150Mm, T200 Diameter 200Mm

Weight: T23 45G,T50 Diameter 140G, T100 Diameter 350G, T15 Diameter 0.5Kg, T200 0.65Kg

Air Pump is Not Included.

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