Aquarium Air Pump Accessories Set 13 Feet Standard Airline Tubing 2 PCS Bubble Release Air Stones 2 PCS Air Valves 1 PCS 2-way Regulating Valve

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1. 0.2 inch diameter tubing is almost great for all your aquarium airline needs.
2. This tubing stands up to wear, resists kinking and is safe for both fresh and salt
water environments.
3. Besides, air stones are a great way to properly aerate a home aquarium, help to keep fish healthy and adds to the beauty of the aquarium.
4. which made of mineral material, it effectively create water currents and dazzling underwater scenes.

Inner Tube diameter:0.2 inch
Air valves Overall length: 36mm / 1.42in, the diameter of the <br>middle circle: 8mm/0.31in ,Two ends: inner diameter: <br>3mm/0.12in, outer diameter: 4mm/0.16in
Air stone diameter:25mm
Regulating Valve:two holes

Package included:
1 * 13 feet/4m airline tubing
2 * air stones
2 * air valves
1*Regulating Valve

To prevent the water backflow and pump damage, the OUT port must connect to the air stones.

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