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Super quiet Aquarium Air Pump

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Boxtech Super Quiet Aquarium Air Pump for Fish Tank 1-150 Gallon

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Aquarium Ultra-Quiet Air Pump Adjustable Airflow Powerful Aerator Pump with 2 Outlets

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Aquarium air pump

Key Features:

1. A new generation of a quiet air pump
Ultra-quiet air pump is suitable for 10-120 gallon fish tanks

2. Air pump with the highest requirements for silence
Thick ABS plastic, shielding motor noise, motor without bearing, magnetic bearing work; internal support feet, the motor does not touch the cover, reducing noise; 8 lower rubber feet, reducing vibration

3. Powerful Air Volume
The bubbles are uniform, natural, and stable. Aerobic landscaping equipment that can be connected to Nano-Air Stones, Biosponge Filters, Pinwheel Rock Gardens, and Aquariums

4. Stable and durable
Full copper wire motor, more energy saving, longer service life, and more stable operation. And the membrane made of special synthetic rubber is durable. The bottom air intake filter blocks the contaminant particles, makes the air cleaner, and allows the air pump to run normally

5. High-quality assurance
AC 110-120V, 60Hz, pressure 0.02MPa, air pump can meet the three requirements of silent, low vibration, and sufficient oxygen.
Note: Air pipe and air stones are not included.

super quiet air pump k2


* Power: 3W

* Pressure: 0.02Mpa

* Power cable: 5.58 feet

* Stomata: Double Vent

* Dimension: 6"×4"×3"

* Voltage: 110V—120V/60HZ

* Application: up to 120 Gal


1. I'd recommend getting at joint or gang valve to use both output holes as if you leave one open you lose significant power and the noise level goes up, so using both output holes at the same time, the noise will be reduced to a minimum
2. To get the maximum airflow and extend air pump service life, we suggest cleaning airline tubing and airstone regularly.

super quiet air pump k2super quiet air pump k2 adjustable flowsuper quiet air pump k2 dual outlet

Quiet Operation
1. The ultra-quiet air pump that can be used in the bedroom has an excellent mute effect;
2. Low vibration: Placing it on a blanket or soundproofing material will make it quieter.

Adjustable Flow
Use the knob to control the output and adjust the bubble strength, increase the oxygen content, the bubbles are dense and uniform, which is beneficial to aquatic life.

Double Air Outlet
The air pump is easy and simple to use 2 air stones or aerobic filtration equipment together.
Or use the "T" connector to combine 2 output ports and create a powerful single port.

super quiet air pump k2super quiet air pump k2 packagesuper quiet air pump k2 instructions

1. No check valve, the air pump should be placed above the water level of the fish tank (about 9.8in)
2. With a check valve, the air pump can be placed below the water surface or placed on the table. The check valve (note the installation direction) can prevent the water from flowing backward.

super quiet air pump k2

Boxtech Quiet and Powerful Air Pump: 6-step Quiet (<40dB)

The water will not vibrate violently and flow out.

1. ABS plastic cover, sealing machine noise;

2. Noise reduction motor to reduce wind resistance and noise;

3. The suspended motor, the motor, and the casing are not in contact with each other to prevent noise;

4. Stainless steel cover, locked motor sound, greatly separated mechanical noise;

5. Internal support feet, the motor chamber does not touch the bottom of the casing, reducing noise again;

6. 8 bottom rubber shock absorber feet to reduce vibration of the pump body and bearing surface.

Package Included:

1 x Aquarium Air Pump K2

Customer Reviews

Quietest pump I’ve had Review by Cece
I have gone through a lot of air pumps in my life that eventually got problems with the rubber mufflers and then the vibration could drive you mad. This one has been great. We barely hear the motor at all, only the bubbles. (Posted on 6/7/2022)
Super quiet Review by Olivia
It have very minimal to no noise level. Easy to sleep at night. It’s has very strong suction power. It’s perfect for my 75 Gallon tank. It produces lots of bubbles. Overall it’s great addition to my tank and I would recommend this to another fish risers. (Posted on 12/30/2021)
Adjustable Review by A. Viviano-Enyedy
Awesome fish tank pump that is very quite. Pros- two air outages and adjustable flow level. No real cons that I have found. (Posted on 11/30/2021)
Works Well Review by Adam
Great Product, very quiet. (Posted on 11/1/2021)

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