Aquarium Biological Sponge Filter Pneumatic Filter Silent Water Leprechaun Wall Mount

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Aquarium Biological Sponge Filter

Aquarium Biological Sponge Filter Pneumatic Filter Silent Water Leprechaun Wall Mount


1.This sponge filter is a hanging filter, which is adsorbed on the fish tank wall and uses environmentally-friendly high-grade sponge as the filter material

2.It is used together with the air pump to achieve the dual functions of growth and filtration;

3.This series of products can effectively solve the problem that your fish tanks change frequently, the water body is easy to turbid, the water plants are yellow and green, and the fish are dead. 

Key Features: 

1.Made of food-grade materials, Eco-friendly bio filter sponge and works great without noise ;

2.Ribbing shape sponge holds a lot of beneficial bacteria 3.Sponge filters comes with a media container which ceramic bio filter media inside, will help to remove harmful substance and increase oxygen level in your tank;

4.Can be used with different filter media to enhance water quality;

5.Air-water outlet is adjustable so you can change direction and height of the water flow;

6.All parts of the sponge filter are detachable to clean;

7.Ceramic pearls filtration media will help to remove harmful substance which will increase oxygen level in the tank .

How to set up :

1. This product needs to be connected to the air pump, and equipped with a check valve on the airline tube to prevent water return to the air pump due to power failure. PLEASE NOTE: air pump, airline tube and check valve not included;

2. Please choose suitable air flow. 

Kind Reminder

1.Squeeze the sponge filter in tank water for 5 mins for 1st using, easy to digest form colonies of bacteria;

2.Use aquarium tank water while washing sponge, do not rinse the sponge with tap water or hot water

Package included: 

1*set of Aquarium Biological sponge filter

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