Aquarium Fish Tank Guppy Double Breeding Breeder Rearing Trap Box Hatchery

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100% brand new and high quality.

1.Equipped with transparent plastic cover,to guarantee the fish will not be able to jump out.
2.Ideal isolation chamber for pregnant fish.
3.Safety chamber for weak or sick fish.
4.Unique floating design enable the hatchery to drift around and to be free for sinking.
5.Can be fixed in any place of the aquarium with sockers supplied.
6.Crystal like transparent box make it an extremely interesting event to watch the lying-in fish to deliver baby fish.
7.Strong duckers enable you to fix the hatchery easily in any corner of the tank.
8.Floating fish breeding box with removable grating.
9.Made of top quality and highly transparent plastic,enduring and long lasting


1.The gap is small, and the mother tongue can be fed at the bottom after birth, which improves the survival rate.
2.High transparency, you can watch the mother fish or the betta fish, add a lot of fun.
3.Isolation and protection of offensive fish, injured fish, clownfish, etc.
4.Self-contained isolation plate to reduce danger, strong suction cup design, firm and space saving.
5.Suitable for freshwater and marine aquarium.
6.For breeding,fit the removable grating in the box so the newborn fish can more safe.
7.Allow the breeding box to sink slowly in the aquarium,and the breeding box will fill up with aquarium water and stay floating.


1.without grating:It can fit for raising small fry and for isolating a sick or aggressive fish
2.with grating and divider it can as a breeding box for 2 fish,removable center divider allows two fish to be safely isolated.
3.with grating can as a breeding box.

Shape and size:

Material: Acrylic
Color: Transparent
M:(L*W*H)210 *95*100mm/8.3*3.7*3.9
Weight :0.26kg/0.57lb

Packing list:
1Pc x Fish Breeding Hatchery Young Fish Incubator Isolation Box

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