Aquarium Stainless Steel Mesh Aquarium Filter Intake Guard Strainer Fish Shrimp Safety Protect

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  • Stainless Steel Filter Guard : Sizes 12mm or 16mm
  • Save your baby Shrimp or Fry from Getting sucked into Filter with our Filter Guard
  • Stainless Steel Filter Guard is an easy and attractive way to make your aquarium safe for your baby shrimp and fry. Infaat any tiny animals like most freshwater shrimp, invertebrates, as well as small fish and fry are at risk of being sucked into the large slots on most standard intake filter strainers. 
  • Can easy connect to inlet of filter such as hang on filter, canister filter, etc
  • Micro-mesh prevents delicate baby shrimps or fishes from being suck into the filter.
  • Large surface area reduces chances of clogging
  • Shrimp Protector remain in shape during operation unlike normal sponge.


Size for choosing: S, L

Size(Length*Width): 7*2.5cm(S),  8.5*3cm(L)

Inner Diameter: 12mm(S), 16mm(L)

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: As the picture shows

 Weigth:12MM  12g-  16MM  15g

Package included:

1pc x Aquarium Filter Guard

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