Aquarium Water Changer Functional Gravel Vacuum Siphon Pump with Flow Control

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Aquarium Water Changer

Functional Gravel Vacuum Siphon Pump


1. Ideal for water changing and gravel cleaning. With on/off flow control tap design, it is easy and convenient to use.

2. High quality plastic material made which could ensure a long time use. The flexible clear PVC hose transfer liquids much faster.

3. With a special head partdesign(Integrated gravel / fish strainer) for gravel cleaning,you ou can dig it right into the gravel. In mini-reef and aquatic plant aquariums clean gravel bed while making a regular water change. Small vacuum cup makes cleaning around and under stones, wood and corals quite easy.

4. Small container self priming water transfer design for more quick jobs (like syphon Diesel out of car etc).




a.The outlet should be lower than the water level of the inlet.

b.Please disconnect all electrical equipment connected with the aquarium water.

c.Make sure that there's no water in the pipe before use.

d.Please clean the filter after use if this equipment is clogged.

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