Bio Balls, Aquarium Porous Ceramic Filter Media Biological Ball Fish Tank (Beige/500g)

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Bio Balls

Aquarium Porous Ceramic Filter Media

Biological Ball Fish Tank

Bio ceramic rings are used to keep your bacteria colony to convert ammonia from waste to nitrites and nitrites to nitrates.


Bio balls work as a biological filter media and give a home for beneficial bacteria where they can settle and be fed by water and oxygen. They promote gas exchange and increase dissolved oxygen levels.


Great for any freshwater or saltwater fish tank or mini-reef aquarium. Fish Tank Filter are simply rinse and use.



Highly porous structure allows beneficial bacteria to develop quickly. Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater filters.


The bacteria house is rich in tourmaline, which emits FAR infrared rays allowing more oxygen to be dissolved in the water.


Another main material this bacteria house is natural clay, used for supplementing rich minerals and microelements which will be slowly resolved under certain conditions and be utilized by the fish.


Great Material for the growth of nitrifying bacteria.

Full of rich variety of natural elements and essential minerals and trace elements.

Great help to restore the natural water quality, and provide the most suitable living environment for your fishes.



Material: ceramic

Diameter of ball: 21mm


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