XY-160 Bio Balls Filter Media for Aquarium/Fish Tank/Pond Filter 1 bag/ 100Pcs

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Bio Balls Filter Media for Aquarium/Fish Tank/Pond

Filtering Principle of Bio- Ball

This is a super bio-ball with sponge inside, it can not only provides the maximum surface area for nitrifying bacteria growing, but also promotes gas exchange and upgrade oxygen level in the water oxygen level in the water. It is suitable for freshwater ans saltwater aquarium.


Bio-Filter Balls provide a larger, multi-faceted biological filtration area to help support the growth of beneficial Bio-Spira bacteria.


These filtration balls fit all Marineland C-Series Canister Filters. Biological filtration is vital to maintaining a clean and healthy aquatic environment by utilizing aerobic bacteria to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite.


For effective biological filtration, three-dimensional surfaces are needed to cultivate beneficial bacteria.



Quantity: 1 bag/100Pcs

Each Diameter: 1.6cm

Package size: 15x10.5x6.5cm


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