Bio Ceramic Rings Aquarium Filter Media with Mesh Bag

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Bio Ceramic Rings Aquarium Filter Media

The Bio Ceramic Rings is actually designed to provide a close best bacterial growth environment for beneficial bacteria.


The ceramic material that the ceramic rings is made of is porous.

The tiny pores make it an ideal home for beneficial bacteria to grow.


Filtering principle of ceramic rings

The ceramic rings have a structure of dens holes where can live a lot of good vital bacteria, such as nitro-bacteria. These bacteria help improve biological filtration effect and stabilize water quality to maintain healthy living environment for aquatic livings.


It works as a very effective filtration system in fresh water environments, cleaning out bad contaminants as well as reducing nitrate and ammonia. Especially when working with very sensitive marine and freshwater tanks and containers, helpful hand in balancing out the water content quickly.


A unique and effective bacterial filtering product for freshwater marine environments.


An effective way to control and reduce ammonia and nitrate in a marine tank.



Package size: 15x10.5x6.5cm

Weight: 0.54kg


Package includes

premier bio ceramic rings in mesh bag 


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