5 Tips for choosing the best automatic fish feeder

5 Tips for choosing the best automatic fish feeder

Some people don’t like to keep a dog or cat as pets. Some people prefer having a few fish swimming languidly in your aquarium. The problem with having fish as pets is that they’re not exactly adamant in catching your attention when they’re hungry.

And so it’s very easy to forget to feed them, especially when you have to do it several times a day. And that’s why you need an automatic aquarium feeder. However , how to choose the best automatic fish feeder on the market is difficulty . in this article , we will let you know all what you want to know about the automatic fish feeder .

Do You Need an Automatic Fish Feeder?

There are many benefits to having an automatic fish feeder. Your aquatic friends need food–fact.

And if you forget, they don’t eat.

As aquatic hobbyist, your pets’ health is crucial. If you don’t feed your fish, they could become incredibly ill and malnourished, sometimes leading to death. It’s crucial that you remember to give them food.

But we aren’t perfect. You forget things; I forget things–We’re both human (at least, I think you are. Are you?), it happens.

Having said that, are automatic fish feeders worth the investment? Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Automatic Fish Feeder

Auto fish feeders are highly essential for people why enjoy keeping fish but do not have enough time to take care of them. Supplying the right amount of food to your fish and at the appropriate time is very critical.

An auto fish feeder for aquarium is your most logical option to deal with the food needs of your fish and other aquatic pets without putting their health in danger. If you are still figuring out why you should get an auto fish feeder for aquarium, discussed below are some benefits to anticipate.

1. Fish are taken care of even when you are enjoying your vacation

Are you planning on resting or going on a brief vacation?

Is it an end of the week and you are thinking whether to go outdoors or not? Don’t bother. You don’t need to request the assistance of your relative or neighbor. Search the internet and look for top-notch auto fish feeders for fish tanks.

When you have gotten the best that is available on the market, you can be guaranteed that your aquatic pets will be taken care of even while you are away. Just ensure that you purchase the best feeder out there.

2. Prevention of overfeeding and underfeeding

Your fish can’t be underfed neither would they be overfed if you have the correct fish feeder device in place. A lot of people don’t have the foggiest idea that fish shouldn’t eat whenever they deem fit.

It’s a health risk for them to be fed excessively, yet in particular, it isn’t ideal for the aquarium fish to have the surplus food that is left to rot at the lower level of the fish pond after it stops to float.

Such issues can be solved by getting an electric feeder that can nourish your fish with the right amount of food and at the right time. You could likewise utilize the feeders in case your fish is faced with diabetes. In addition, the auto fish feeder can help to prevent excess wastage of food.

3. Convenience

Are you so occupied?

Every other individual has a fully engaged schedule, and it isn’t possible to physically feed your fish each other time. You are once in a while at home, or could be experiencing a long working day. Get an auto fish feeder device and you will appreciate the colossal comfort that it conveys to you.

The auto fish feeder functions admirably for people and real hobbyists who adore living large. It’s a great addition to your house as it eradicates the trouble of consistent fish feeding and handles thing when you are long gone.

4. Minimizing food wastage

And also this, automatic fish feeders are a great option if you want to save yourself some money and limit food wastage. Fish feeders can be modified to only give a specific quantity of pellets, which minimize water quality and waste build-up issues due to food that was left uneaten.

In like manner, they are very useful in dispensing more exact doses of food to the fish throughout the day. This, therefore, helps in maximizing the health and growth of your aquatic pets.

5. Variety in fish feed

Auto feeders are the best gadgets to add variety to the food of your aquatic pets. Now if you have a fish tank with various types of aquatic inhabitants, you have to supply them with a wide variety of nutrition according to their nourishment prerequisites.

Pellet is the most widely recognized food for fish, but not all aquatic pets like it. Likewise, sometimes you may have to give some customized medication or diet to your fish, an auto feeder device is a great apparatus for dispensing food with the variety of your fish.

How Does Automatic Fish Feeder Work?

An auto fish feeder is made to dispense the appropriate quantity of fish food into your fish tank at a specific time every day. Some feeder can be set to dispense the food more than a time in a day. This helps to ensure that your fish are well fed when it’s time for them to be fed just in case you forget or simply go out on a vacation.

Auto fish feeders are either run on battery or by electricity via a power cord. The benefit of battery-powered feeders is there isn’t any need to worry about power outages or electrical shock. The benefit of electrical-powered feeders is there isn’t any need to worry about your battery getting low or dying.

Every fish feeder comes with a varying number of containers to pre-fill with fish food. The auto feeder will rotate the containers on a timing mechanism in order for the food to drop into the fish tank at a set time. This enables the fish and other aquatic pet to be fed all the time without overfeeding them.

How to Choose an Automatic Fish Feeder?

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing an automatic feeder. And these can be overwhelming at first–especially if you’re new to the hobby.

Many features need to be considered when buying a feeder. Let’s break them down.

Size of the Food Chamber

It’s important to consider how much food you’ll need to store in your feeder. If you have a heavy stock, you may need to invest in a feeder with a larger capacity.

Be mindful you may (if you’re like everyone else in this hobby–you will), buy more fish.

If this is a possibility, it may be wiser to invest in a larger-capacity feeder, because if you choose to expand your aquarium in future, you won’t need to buy another feeder.

Battery Life

If your feeders’ battery fails, your fish won’t be fed properly. This could lead to illness, and in some cases, death.

If you plan to go away for long periods of time, you’re going to want a feeder that lasts a while before it needs to be recharged or have its batteries replaced.

Additionally, it’s wise to purchase a feeder with a clearly displayed battery life. If your batteries need changing, you’ll know straight away and can act before any problems arise.

Ventilation System

If your feeders’ battery fails, your fish won’t be fed properly. This could lead to illness, and in some cases, death.

If you plan to go away for long periods of time, you’re going to want a feeder that lasts a while before it needs to be recharged or have its batteries replaced.

Additionally, it’s wise to purchase a feeder with a clearly displayed battery life. If your batteries need changing, you’ll know straight away and can act before any problems arise.

Ease of Use

Some automatic feeders are a breeze to set up; others can be a nightmare.

If you’re used to manual feeding, it’s important to consider how easy your chosen fish feeder is to use as installation can be a little intimidating at first. Especially for those inexperienced with auto feeders.

Choosing a feeder with a digital display system will make it easier to program it and make adjustments.

But, if you’re already comfortable with automatic fish feeders, there are more complex options available that offer wider features, allowing you to adjust feeding frequency and use multiple food types.

Frequency of Feeding

Depending on the type of fish you have, you’ll need to take into account how often you need your feeder to dispense food.

Some dispensers only give food twice a day, will others upwards of 8. Take the number of fish you have and their daily food requirements into consideration before purchasing a feeder.

How to Setup an Automatic Fish Feeder?

Setting up the Auto feeder

Before you continue with preparing and setting up the device for installation and use, you need to inspect it for any damaged or loose parts. Often inexpensive auto feeders come with broken cells that keep food. You have to thoroughly examine the cells.

After you have unpacked the auto fish feeder, you have to connect the device to a source of power if it is powered electrically. For battery powered fish feeders, you need to insert two AA batteries that will initiate the display LED.

The auto fish feeder comes with a dispensing entryway that opens up when the nourishment from the cells is discharged by the feeder. You can customize the setting of the discharging entryway. Most makers advise utilizing the entryways at the highest setting.

Don’t make use of the container to fill the fish food in the cells before cleaning the hopper. This procedure needs to be done with care. In case the container or chamber isn’t clean, it can contaminate the food that can bring about spoilage and possibly kill the aquatic pets.

Adjusting the Amount of Feed

There are two ways of adjusting the amount of feed in the auto fish feeders. Plenty of these gadgets have a customizable dispensing entryway that regulates the food amount released at every feeding cycle. However, there are some auto fish feeders for aquarium that expect you to fill the estimated amount of food into the cells.

Usually, most fish and other aquatic pets require just 1-3 feeding per day. Generally speaking, it is highly recommended to set the food amount to the limit that aquatic pet can devour within 5-10 seconds. This will definitely prevent any ammonia or cloudiness issue that can cause great damage to aquatic life.


We believe that through this article you have learned about automatic fish feeders ,You don't have to worry about choosing the best automatic fish feeder anymore

Irrespective of where you are, away or at home, you can simply feel free about fish nourishing chore since you know that these auto fish feeders will carry out the task. So, in case you are getting ready for excursion tomorrow or a month from now, why not choose one from the rundown right away?