Choosing Best Aquarium Water Pump What You Need To Know

Choosing Best Aquarium Water Pump What You Need To Know

It is very important to choose a good aquarium water pump for your fish special environment to live in .  Because your fish live in the same tank every day and are exposed to the same water daily.

You need the best aquarium water pump you can find to keep the water moving throughout their tank and reduce the chance of bacteria growth and build-up of harmful residues along the tank.

These hazards need to be taken care of to ensure that your fish get the most natural and clean environment that they can thrive in.

How to Choose an Aquarium Water Pump


When choosing an aquarium water pump, you need to think about what functions your fish need in your tank.

Water pumps are used for different reasons, like draining and filling your tank, moving water through the tank’s filtering system, and can even be used to make waves in your tank to keep everything moving nicely for the fish.

Once you decide which features you need in your aquarium, you can move onto other details of the pump.

Quietest Aquarium Water Pump

You can also decide if you prefer an in-line or submersible pump for your water tank.

In-line pumps are external pumps outside of the water, while submersible pumps function underwater in the sump of your filter. Thinking of these qualities beforehand is essential to finding a good water pump.

Flow Rate GPH (gallons per hour)

You need to factor the size of your tank and amount of water you need pumped before choosing a water pump.

Generally speaking, your water pump should be able to rotate the water in your tank about five times in an hour.

This means that if you have 10 gallons of water in your tank, your water pump should ideally perform at a minimum rate of 50 GPH to ensure efficiency and thoroughness cleaning.

How Does an Aquarium Water Pump Work?

Now that you’ve found a good starting point for what to look for in a water pump, it’s a good idea to understand just how your water pump works. Exactly how your water pump functions depend on the type of pump you have.

Generally speaking, all water pumps have the main function of getting water in and out of the tank’s filtration system. This can be done magnetically, with air force, with propellers, or with the use of rollers.

The components of your water pump work to create pressure that pushes the water through the filter, as well as create a pulling force to extract it back out.

If your pump is working well, it should be able to complete this process with all of the water in your tank several times an hour.

How Do I Install the Aquarium Water Pump?

This leads to the topic of how exactly to install your aquarium water pump. Again, this depends on the type of water pump you have.

Submersible water pumps are pretty easy to install because you just have to stick the suction cups to an area capable of holding them. These should keep the water pump submerged and in place, and once your suction cups hold, your water pump has been installed!

As far as external water pumps go, you need to find a place to securely attach your water pump so that it doesn’t come in contact with any water. You can do this by installing a priming pot and a pump box near the water. Alternatively, you can install the pump directly into the filtering system by drilling a hole into the sump filter if you’re experienced.

If all else fails, you can recruit an installation technician, especially for bigger filters that require more groundwork, to perform this service for you. Unless you have a huge body of water you’re trying to filter, your technician can complete this service for you within a day or two.

Where Do I Put the Water Pump in My Aquarium?

Where you put your water pump in your aquarium depends on what kind of pump it is.

If you use a submersible water pump, you can attach it anywhere in your water supply, as long as it’s completely underwater. Because these types of pumps utilize suction cups, you can pretty much put it anywhere the suction cup holds and can remain submerged.

Where to Put Submersible Water Pump in Aquarium?

For in-line or external pumps, you have to keep your pump dry and out of the water for it to work properly. An in-line pump oftentimes requires extra installation services because it needs to be installed out of the water without the use of suction cups, as is done with submersible water pumps.

In-line pumps can also be installed by drilling a hole into your main filter sump, allowing the systems to connect, yet still function independently. You can utilize the services of an installation technician to get the best idea of where to place your in-line pump if you’re unsure of how to proceed.


If you keep the water clean and provide your fish with a nutritious diet, chances are that your friends have a long and carefree life ahead of them. It all starts with the water pump, and the love and time you put into caring for them.Through this article I believe you have learned how to find the best pump for your aquarium