How flowerhorn fish's heads appear into the distinctively shaped

How flowerhorn fish's heads appear into the distinctively shaped

Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a "nuchal hump." Like blood parrot cichlids, they are man-made hybrids that exist in the wild only because of their release. First developed in Malaysia, Thailand, and Taiwan, they became very popular with Asian fish hobbyists. They are also kept by hobbyists in the US and Europe, but their importation is banned in Australia.

However, you must know that not every one of the flowerhorn fishes have the distinctively shaped heads. And you may be curious about how their heads appear into the distinctively shaped. So let me tell you how to motive it to appear.

First of all, these basic conditions must be met:

  • They must carry such genes.
  • They require a tank of a minimum of 55 gallons, with 125 gallons optimal.
  • They are usually kept at a water temperature of 80–85 °F, and a pH of 7.4–8.0.
  • They need plenty of nutritious food.
  • They are subject to several diseases, including hole-in-head disease, "ich", and digestive blockages.

Now let me introduce some methods that you’re concerned .

Mirror stimulation: You can put a mirror on the aquarium every day for a while, it will stimulate flowerhorn fishes’ aggressiveness. They may think it was other fish to occupy when seeing themselves in the mirror. This stimulates the male hormones in the body so that the head is raised.

Sandbag stimulation: Like the mirror stimulation above. Put some parrot fishes those smaller than flowerhorn fish in the tank. And the flowerhorn fish will attack these fishes.

Water exchange stimulation: Change the water by 1/3 every 5 days or a week. It should be noted here that the exchanged water temperature should be 1 to 2 degrees higher than the original water temperature. This method has been tried by many people, they say it works.

Environment stimulation: when you have tried many ways but didn’t work. Change the environment may be effective, trying to move to other position or just change a new aquarium tank. But remember that the water quality should be consistent with the original.

Temperature stimulation: Remember to ask the merchant about the original water temperature when you buy fish.

① Raise the temperature of the aquarium by 2 degrees compared to the original temperature when arrive home.

② Keep the temperature for three or four days, then reduce the temperature by 1 degrees every two days till temperature to 78.8℉(26℃).

③ Then after one or two days, raise the temperature to 91.4℉(33℃) suddenly and keep the temperature for nearly a month.(to keep the shape).

④ Repeat step ① ②.

⑤ When you are satisfied with the shape of the flowerhorn fish, reduce the temperature slowly to 82.4℉(28℃)(must be very slowly, otherwise the shape will change.). Remember that the flowerhorn fish will shorten its life if it is exposed to high temperatures for a long time.

So there are the methods I collected. Check more information if you are going to try.

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