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BT-120S Fish Bowl Sponge Filter S

Boxtech 3-Stage Aquarium Sponge Filter S for Round Fish Bowl

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USB interface Sponge filter suite for Diameter 5.5-7.87 inch round fish bowl.


Aquarium filter

bt-120s aquarium fitler

Key Features:

1. Unique Design
Specially use for Round Fish Bowl, sponge filter suite for Diameter 5.5-7.87 inch Round fish tank

2. Multifunction Filter
Fish Tank Filter has the function for filtration, oxygen aeration, and clearing oil film, perfect for your fish tank.
The aquarium filter has excellent filtration performance. It can absorb and get rid of grease and other dirt to clean water. This filter can adapt to biochemical and physical filtration, which ensures proper oxygenation for clear water and a healthy environment

3. Quick and easy installation
Connect tube with water pump, install the three buckle with the round fish filter. It provides both aeration and filtration for your tank.

4. Widely Used
Aquarium sponge filter can be used in round fish bowls, rimless aquariums, turtle fish tanks, ceramic fish tanks, and so on.

5. 3-Stage Bio Sponge
Filter impurities, purify water, washable

Package Included:

1 x filter S
1 x water pump

Aquarium filter

It can make good water circulation and filter the dirt in the cylinder to keep the water clean but also shock water to bring a lot of oxygen into the water. The oxygen will dissolve in the water, add the oxygen content of water quickly, and maintain a good environment in the aquarium tank.

The main function

aquarium filter increase oxygenaquarium fitlered wateraquarium fitler water cycle

Filtered water
This filter provides TRUE 3-STAGE filtration to your tank.
Plus the transparent box makes it easy to observe the filtering material when they get dirty.

Installation steps of fish tank filters

aquarium filter stepsaquarium filter stepsaquarium filter stepsaquarium filter steps

aquarium foam filter

round bowl filters

Aquarium Filter——Frequently Questions

* Before powering up, must ensure that there is water in the tank

* When the water pump is short of water, the impeller of the idling pump will damage the pump and make noise (Very important)

* Do not operate without water!!!

Clean Tips

Please wash this Filter Sponge regular to create a clean silent, and healthy home for fish.

Customer Reviews

Now you don't have to change the water in the tank all the time. Review by Qi Fang
Easy installation, powerful filtration, and clear water in no time. In a few days, I need to buy a green plant and put it in, it will look even better! (Posted on 6/23/2022)

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