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Boxtech Aquarium Air Pumps with Air Stone for Fish Tank 1-30 Gallon

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Boxtech Aquarium Air Pumps with Air Stone for Fish Tank 1-30 Gallon

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The air pump contains a complete set of accessories for aquarium air pumps.
It can hold up to a 30-gallon fish tank

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Aquarium Air Pump

Widely Used Fish Tank Air Pump

Boxtech UX Air Pump Kit provides a nice bang for your buck with all the air pump accessories you need. Provides instant, powerful flow for your fish to thrive, this powerful fish tank air pump is strong, It is suitable for aquariums up to 30 gallons.

Aquarium Air pump Kit

Aquarium Air Pump Details Show

Aquarium Air pump UX3 tubeAquarium Air pump UX3 rubber feetAquarium single outlet Air pump UX3Aquarium double outlet Air pump UX5

Key Features:

1. Unique Shape
Unique appearance design, specially designed for up to 30-gallon aquariums, is the best choice for small and medium-sized aquariums.

2. Shock-absorbing column design, quieter
The improved oxygen fish air pump has a smooth surface design with four shock-absorbing silica gel columns. It has strong airflow and a quieter design.

3. Low power, strong airflow, low energy consumption
The power of 1.7 watts can reach a gas volume of 4000 ml/min in each outlet and a pressure of 0.015 mPa, the deepest height can reach 150 cm

4. Wide applications
Adjustable fish tank air pumps can be used with a variety of products, such as air stones, and sponge filters; very suitable for indoor and outdoor use in freshwater or saltwater.

Fish Tank Air Pump

air pump for aquarium air pump for aquarium Air pump installation steps

Package Included:

1 x UX-3 Air Pump
1 x Air stone
1 x Air Tubing
1x Check Valve
1 x Control valve
1 x Suction Disc

Customer Reviews

This pump IS quiet! Review by Amanda
This air pump is very quiet. I saw others review that it was loud. Not so here. However if the air pump gets up against something then it will vibrate against that item and make noise. Ours is sitting on the hood, can’t hear it at all. It is quite powerful for its small size, this leads to noisy bubbles in the tank. I’m still working on adjusting a few things to quiet that down. We’ve had this for only a few days so I’ll write more, in the future, if it gives out on us, too soon. (Posted on 5/27/2022)
Kind of cheap Review by A. Yusimova
I purchased this pump for my little 5 gallon aquarium. First the pump is ok but all these attachments are very cheap, the noise is ok. I thought it was a bit too powerful for my 5 gallon. (Posted on 12/16/2021)
Powerful. Needs bubble bar! Review by Momma Drama
This pump motor itself is actually really quiet, but... the bubbles popping on the top of the water were REALLY loud using the small airstone that came with it. I purchased a 6" long airstone bar and buried it under the gravel in a 10 gal tank and now it is really pleasant. I think the pump was just too powerful for the little stone. It probably would be just as good or better with a 12" airstone bar. (Posted on 11/30/2021)

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