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Boxtech Aquarium Hang On Filter for 5-10 Gal

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Boxtech Aquarium Hang On Filter for 5-10 Gal


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3 in 1 Multi-function filter can make good water circulation and filter the dirt in the cylinder to keep the water clean, but also shock the water to bring a lot of oxygen into the water, oxygen dissolves in the water, adding the oxygen content of the water quickly, and maintain a good environment of the aquarium tank.

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Aquarium Hang On Filter

  • Boxtech Aquarium Hang On Filter - Power Waterfall Suspension Oxygen Pump - Submersible Hanging Activated Carbon Biochemical Wall Mounted Fish Tank Filtration Water.
  • Before powering up, must ensure that there is water in the filter.
  • When the filter is short of water, the impeller of the idling pump will damage the pump and make noise (Very important).
  • The closer the water level is to the outlet of the device, the better the effect.

Aquarium Hang On Filter ajustable flowAquarium Hang On Filter FoamAquarium Hang On Filter Cartridges

Key Features:

1. Safe material
Made of ABS plastic, strong, quiet and durable.
2. Low noise
Motor running will not bring noise, and will not affect life and mood.
3. Adjustable flow valve
The water flow is adjustable, dissolved oxygen for creature growing. Suitable water flows, fit for fishbowl and grass cylinder, so it satisfies your various demand.
4. 3 in 1 Multi-function filter
Aquarium filter has the function for filtration, oxygen aeration, and clearing oil film, a variety of functions provided by an ultra-thin design filter, perfect for your fish tank.
5. Hanging on filter with a filter plate design
Can increased filter space, also clean up aquarium fish feces, and create a clean environment for your lovely fish. (Note: Turtle tank is not recommended)

Package Included:

1 x Aquarium Hang on Filter S

Aquarium Hang On Filter Model


1. Please power off and pull out the plug before installing or cleaning the pump.
2. The device can not keep running continuously without water.
3. First-time use needs to add in water with the filter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the aquarium filter make noise or shake when it is working?

1. Before powering up, must ensure that there is water in the filter (Very important)
2. Use the fixed button at the bottom of the filter to fix the working position of the filter.
3. Increase the water volume of the water tank. When the water level is close to the water outlet of the equipment, the mute effect will be better.

Need to inject water into the filter before starting the filter so that the pump can work normally.
Otherwise, the rotating impeller of the pump will be damaged if it works without water.

Customer Reviews

It's working fine Review by derek henry
I have baby Molly fish and they don't seem bothered by the suction so that's a plus
I wish this would have came with some instructions on how to assemble the filter.
Putting it together wasn't hard. I'd buy this again for future 10 gallon tanks (Posted on 12/16/2021)
Amazing filter for a 5gallon betta tank!! Review by Bobbi Bryson
I think I found the best filters for my bettas! I was using sponge filters. But the air pumps were really loud. So I found these 5-10gallon clear HOB for $10.00 a piece.

So far they are amazing! Very quiet, small. They don't take up as much room as you'd think they would. Comes with a sponge to put on your intake tube. I just recommend buying more sponge media because there is a lot of room in the filter that could use more media.

P.s you can turn the flow up or down on the filter too so it's not that strong for them. (Posted on 12/2/2021)
Perfect for me and my betta Review by suzanne
Awesome for my betta! Terrible for finding filters! API filters-crystal bio chem #10 and they're perfect! Put in sideways and probably better than the original one. This boxtech is super quiet, super easy, and I wish I had found it first! (Posted on 11/22/2021)

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