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Boxtech Aquarium Nano Air Stone Disk 35mm

Boxtech Aquarium Nano Air Stone Disk 35mm White for Fish Tank 40mm

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35mm Inner diameter white color


Key Features:

1. Highly Dissolved Oxygen
The ruddy nano air stone connected to the air pump releases finer bubbles to achieve the atomization effect. More bubbles are produced, and the contact area with water is wider, which effectively improves the air dissolution rate.

2. Durable air stone plate
The fish tank aerator is sintered at a high temperature. Strictly choose the material of the air stone, such as corundum sand. It has good permeability, sturdiness and durability, long service life, and will not break. It has an excellent performance in oxygenating water, which can ensure the health of your pet fish, shrimp, and aquatic organisms. Suitable for use in fresh water or salt water.

3. Replaceable spare nano disk
It is a replaceable air stone disk bubbler with an upgraded design. It provides great convenience for cleaning. It is recommended to clean the algae and other impurities on the surface of the disc regularly to prevent blockage of the stone disc.

4. Suitable fish tank size
Suitable for fish tanks, fish tanks, and hydroponics of about 40cm


Size: 35mm Inner diameter
Color: white

Steps of installation:

1. Immerse the air stone in water for 2 hours before using.
2. Connect the air stone to the tubing and the tubing to the air pump next.
3. Turn on the air pump and regulate the volume of air properly. If the depth of the water exceeds 15inch(40cm), please properly increase the wattage of the pump.


1. Immerse the air stone in water for about two hours before the first time using.
2. Please properly increase the wattage of the pump if the depth of the water exceeds 15inch (40cm).

Package Included:

1 x nano air stone
2 x suction cups
1 x control valve

aquarium air stone disk

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