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Boxtech Aquarium Pneumatic Filter 3 in 1 Bio Sponge Filter

Boxtech Aquarium Pneumatic Filter 3 in 1 Bio Sponge Filter for 10 - 100 Gallon Fish Tanks

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3 in 1 pneumatic filter, with filtration, oxygenation and impurity collection functions, triple filtration design, can effectively filter the impurities in the water, purify the water, to create a clean and healthy home for fish


Aquarium pneumatic Filter

Upgraded Innovative Design Multi-Filtration Filter

1. Using the principle of air pressure difference, the fish waste is sucked in, and it is not easy to splash out when entering the sedimentation chamber.
2. Water flows through fine filter foam,the Sponge filter trap debris and fish waste, absorb odors.
3. After the double filtration of the sedimentation chamber and the biological filter cotton, the clean water enters the culture chamber.Bio Media provides maximum surface area for the growth of beneficial bcteria to support the nitrification cycle making this media very efficient.creates the perfect healthy aquatic environment for fish and plant life.

Main Functions

Aquarium pneumatic Filter spongeAquarium pneumatic Filter adjustable flowAquarium pneumatic Filter Fluidized Bed


Aquarium pneumatic FilterAquarium pneumatic Filter lotus leaf spoutAquarium pneumatic Filter scution cup

Key Features:

1. Upgraded Aquarium Multi-Filtration Filter
Compared with traditional Sponge Filter, it works as a filtration, Oxygenation, and Stool Collector Device, Triple Filtration Design , and the Outlet port can Rotate 360° without dead ends

2. Innovative desgin
Sedimentation Bin Chamber can freely match the filter material and sponge DIY to create physical and biological filtration

3. Fluidized Bed
By Constantly Rolling, New Bacterial Film is Formed, Cultivating Digesting Bacteria, and Decomposing Fish Feces Odor and Toxins in Water

4. Compatible air pump
This Fish Tank filter need connect Air pump ,need have to buy separately! Compatible air pump wattage >2 W

5. Suitable For Tank Size
Suitable for 10-100 gallon fish tanks

Package Included:

1 x Adjustable Aquarium Filter
4 x suction cups
2 x Filters ponges

Aquarium pneumatic Filter


Q1: Why does the aquarium filter make noise or wobbles when it works?

1. Connect this filter to an air pump over 2 watts. (At the same time, Can buy the Air pumps we sell,have 10% discount —— 2 Outlets Aquarium Air Pump 4W )
2. Increase the water volume of the water tank. If the water level is near the water outlet of the device, the mute effect is better.
3. Check if the exhaust pipe connecting the air pump and filter is smooth and not clogged.
4. The closer the water level is to the outlet of the device, the better the effect

Aquarium pneumatic Filter

Customer Reviews

Great for nano tanks Review by Richard
Filter nano tank with just air pump. Yes plz. I didn't expect much due to the price, but I was pleasantly surprised. The side sections are perfect for adding media/polyfil for water polishing in bigger tanks and perfect for 10 gallon shrimp tank. (Posted on 3/28/2022)

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