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Boxtech Aquarium Pneumatic Filter 3 in 1 Bio Sponge Filter for 10 - 50 Gallon Fish Tanks

Boxtech Aquarium Pneumatic Filter 3 in 1 Bio Sponge Filter for 10 - 50 Gallon Fish Tanks

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3 in 1 pneumatic filter, with filtration, oxygenation and impurity collection functions, triple filtration design, can effectively filter the impurities in the water, purify the water, to create a clean and healthy home for fish

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pneumatic Filter

pneumatic Filter

Adjustable Aquarium Filter Pneumatic 3 in 1

Upgraded Innovative Design Multi-Filtration Filter

Product description
This pneumatic filter is designed for application with mini tank,the high grade filter media provides efficient biological filtration and filter is easy to install with air pump.

Size and Weight: 6.3*11 In /316g
Compatible Air Pump Wattage > 2W
Airline Inlet Size: 4 mm

Suitable For Tank Size:
4-20 gallon tank (can be used as the main filter)
20-50 gallon tank (can be used as an auxiliary filter)

 Purchase Note:

The aquarium filters need connect Air pump (>1.5W),need have to buy separately!(not including)

pneumatic Filter


4PCS Suction Cups
Comes with 4 suction cups that can be installed anywhere.

Adjustable flow
Aquarium sponge filters Design two adjustable switch,it’s can controller two side incoming water flow

Lotus Leaf Spout
Prevents air bubbles from flying out of the tank,Rotatable and Adjustable 360 degree for a crystal clear,clean and tidy fish tank

Biochemical Sponge Filter
Built-in filter sponge, the use of media filtration, creating healthy and clear water quality for aquatic animals and plants.

Bio Filter Media
Bio Media provides maximum surface area for the growth of beneficial bcteria to support the nitrification cycle making this media very efficient.
Bio Filter Media is self-cleaning and will support a healthy aquatic environment for you fish.

Add Oxygen
The aquarium filter can increase oxygen content in water so that fish and plants don't lack oxygen, prevent water from deteriorating.

Key Features:

1. Multiple Function Aquarium Filters
The fish tank filter can increase oxygen content, Fine filter foam trap debris and fish waste, absorb odors,Bio filter media provides maximum surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria
2. Quickly Assembles and Disassembles
Aquarium filter comes with four suction cups for secure in-tank installation, suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks.need connect with air pump wattage >1.5W (no include Pump)
3. Upgraded Aquarium Multi-Filtration Filter
Compared with traditional Sponge Filter, it works as a filtration, Oxygenation, and Stool Collector Device, Triple Filtration Design , and the Outlet port can Rotate 360° without dead ends
4. Compatible air pump
This Fish Tank filter need connect Air pump ,need have to buy separately! Compatible air pump wattage >1.5 W
5. Suitable For Tank Size
Suitable for 10-200 gallon aquariums, For larger (50-200 Gal) aquarium, it can be used as an auxiliary filter. then can be used as the main filter for small fish tanks (10-50Gal).

Package Included:

1 x Adjustable Aquarium Filter
2 x suction cups
2 x Filters ponges
1 x Air Tube
some fluidized bed

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