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Boxtech Aquarium Bio-Filter Media Bacteria House

Boxtech Aquarium Porous 3D Bio-Filter Media Bacteria House 2L

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Absorb harmful foreign matter
Stable water quality
Bacterial water purification
Remove fishy odor
Reduce water changes
Bacteria-carrying area


aquarium bio filter media

Key Features:

1. Huge Space for Cultivating Bacteria
Boxtech aquarium filter media has a huge surface area and through-flow porosity, which can effectively remove ammonia and nitrate and reduce nitrate in aquarium

2. Anti-corrosion and Durable
High-quality ceramic media covered with thousands of porous pores, providing a large surface area for biological filtration and filtering out soda water

3. Strong Water Absorption
Bio filter media can effectively absorb fish excrement and debris, providing crystal clear water for fish

4. Purify Water, Remove Odor
Canister filter media can remove ammonia and nitrite, stabilize PH value, absorb odor/heavy metals/toxins, effectively absorb fish waste and debris, and provide crystal clear water for fish to thrive, thus enhancing fish immunity

5. Widely Used
Filter media is the best choice for freshwater and saltwater aquariums; available for aquarium hang filters, filter buckets, aquarium top filters, aquarium bottom filters, and ponds; washable and reusable.

aquarium bio filter media Fine Void StructureBio filter media Strong Adsorptionaquarium bio filter media purify water and remove odoaquarium bio filter media Neutral filter materia

Fine Void Structure
Provide a huge breeding ground for digestive bacteria

Strong Adsorption
Quickly absorb fish waste and residues, and facilitate the decomposition of nitrifying bacteria

Quickly Purify Water and Remove Odor
Effectively decompose ammonia, nitrous acid, and other harmful substances, remove odors, and purify the water

Neutral filter material
Neutral filter material, suitable for all kinds of fish tanks
Does not affect the chemical index of the water body, stable PH value, universal for seawater and freshwater

Aquarium ceramic biological filter material

1. Quickly improve water quality, and the large surface area is the best place for nitrifying bacteria to multiply

2. Reusable, just need to be rinsed occasionally and put back into the tank, ideal for use in freshwater aquariums, cesspools, aquaculture, and ponds

3. Improve the water quickly and clear the water filter impurity, decompose harmful ammonia (NH3/4), nitrite (NO2), and nitrate (NO3) in water to establish a healthy water nitration system.

aquarium bio filter media widely used


1. Before use, please rinse the biofilter media with water (do not rub hard), and then put it into the filter box for use.

2. Replace the filter material gradually, one third a week is good, do not replace it at once.

3. After using the canister filter media for some time, it needs to be replaced in time. It is recommended to replace it once a year.

4. Aquarium bio filter media is recommended to be used with filter cotton, nano ball, etc.

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