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Aquarium air stone 1.5inch BT35

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Boxtech Nano Aquarium Air Stone 1.5 Inch

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Air bubble stones are work with an oxygen pump to provide essential oxygen to the creatures in the tank, allowing the fish to live in a healthy way.


Aquarium air stone bt35

Key Features:

1. High Dissolved Oxygen
Aquarium nano air stone has tiny bubbles that release smaller, denser, and more uniform bubbles, increasing the flow and circulation of air to oxygenate the water, doubling the dissolved oxygen rate in the water and providing good health benefits to aquatic organisms

2. Quietly Make Small and Dense Bubbles
Air stone bubbler can make more small and dense micro bubbles without much noise. It provides a quiet enough day and night for you and your fish.

3. High-Quality Material
The Air diffuser is corrosion resistant, translucent through and through, and can be integrated with aquatic plants. Non-toxic, good stable, it can be used in freshwater and seawater tanks.

4. Wattage Applicable to Air Pump
Air stone should be used with air pump, recommended air pump wattage >1.5W.
Air stone is compatible with an air tube with a 4mm inner diameter
Note: Air pump is not included

Aquarium air stone bt35


High-density holes, uniform bubbles

Nano-ceramic sheets use on the air outlet surface, which has high hole density, good air permeability.

High dissolved oxygen, silent operation

The bubbles are fine and can greatly increase the oxygen content in the water.

High transparency, perfect decoration for tank

The transparent material can be integrated with the aquatic plants, a good decoration for the fish tank;
Mini size can be placed in any corner of the fish tank.

Package Included:

1 x Air Bubble Stone
2 x Suction Cup
1 x Control Valve

Aquarium air stone bt35Aquarium air stone bt35Aquarium air stone bt35

The bubble stone can be firmly attached to the fish tank with two strong suction cups.

Clean the stones regularly as they get clogged and replace them when not working properly.


1. Bubble stone should be used with the air pump. It's recommended that the air pump's wattage is greater than 1.5W;

2. When using the bubble stone, we recommend that you better soak it in water for 1-2 hours first;

3. The fish tank air stone needs to be clean regularly;

4. If you need to use the air diffuser in a deeper water tank, please increase the power of the fish air pump.

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