Aquarium Heater Water Electric Heating Rods LED Heater Digital AquariumTemperature Controller For Fish Turtle Tank

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Aquarium Heater Water Electric Heating Rods LED Heater


AC Input: 220-240v, 50/60Hz


Size: About 9.3cm x 7.2cm

Lowest working water level: 5cm

Package include:

1 X Aquarium Heater



1, Put the heater in the tank water, connect it to the power supply.

2, Adjust the external temperature controller to set the temperature, each press, the temperature increased by one centigrade, 17-34  cycle adjustment. 

3, Set the required temperature, the temperature shows the number of flashing for 2-3 seconds, then automatically confirmed.

4, After setting temperature, the screen automatically jump back to the actual water temperature, slowly heating the water temperature will be heated to the setting temperature and maintain a constant temperature state.

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