WT-638 Digital Automatic Fish Feeder Fish/Turtle Feeder for Aquarium&Fish Tank Vacation&Weekend Fish Food Dispenser

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Digital Automatic Fish Feeder Fish/Turtle Feeder

This is a perfect item designed for feeding fish automatically(you can set by yourself) when you are away from home at sometime. Then your lovely little fish will still lively when you go home. 



Please follow instructions to set up for rotation times per turn, otherwise the feeder won't work!



According to the form of the tank,Fix the feeder to the tank wall and tighten the screws.



a.Please avoid twisting the feeding box by hand;

b.For the first time use, please align the feeder’s time and the local time first;

c.If LCD is displayed abnormally after batteries completed, please notice that whether the batteries are placed correctly, then pay attention to the power of batteries;

d.If you can not find the battery compartment, just remove the holder from feeder and you will easily find it.


Material: Plastic

Package Includes:

1 x Automatic Fish Feeder

☞1 x User Manual


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