LED Aquarium Light Fixtures Small Gallon Submersible Planted Fish Tank Lights for Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums

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Power: 1W


Size: Diameter :1.7 inch, height: 2.3 inch

Cable length: 55 inch

Shipping Weight: 4.1 ounces

Product description:

•    6 COLOR AND SUPER BRIGHT - Our led aquarium light has 6 colors, white, blue, green, red, pink and colorful, it will change color automatically. In addition this small aquarium light is super bright, can really make your fish tank, plant tank or turtle tank looks amazing and lightened.

•    WATERPROOF AND WITH SUCKER - This Submersible aquarium  can be used fully submersible into water or outside water. Comes with sucker, easy and convenient to stick to anywhere you want to decorate your aquarium.

•    GOOD FOR SMALL SIZE AQUARIUM - Space saving, good for tanks up to 20 gallon, but if your tank is bigger, you could put 2 or 3 into it, it will look cool in that way too.

•    ADJUSTABLE ANGLE - The angle of this mini fish tank light can be adjusted according to your tank, good for both round aquarium and long aquarium, jellyfish or glofish fish bowl or live plant aquarium.

•    LOW CONSUMPTION AND WITHOUT HEAT - Power is 1 W, low energy consumption. Will not produce heat to hurt your fish even after a long time’s use. Great for daily aquarium decoration, flower vase decoration, or holiday party decoration.

Perfect for all kinds of little saltwater and freshwater aquarium or vase!

1:This submersible aquarium light can be use for both saltwater tank and freshwater tank.

2:The angle of lamp body can be adjusted by 360 degree according to your requirements, good for any long tank, round tank or cube tank, will make your fish, turtle or plant look pretty good.

3:Size of the light is small, diameter:1.7 inch and height: 2.3 inch, but very bright, enough light for any 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 5 gallon, 10 gallon, or 20 gallon tank. If your fish tank is bigger, it doesn’t matter, you could put more than one into it, will definitely make your tank amazing if put several in different places of your tank.

Easy to set up with suction cup!

1:There is a suction cup on the bottom of this planted aquarium light, easy to stick to any place of your tank. If the sucker doesn’t work, put some water on the sucker, and it will work better.

2: Tiny aquarium light with US plug ready to use, no turn on/off button, just plug it, and it will work. Or you could also connect it to a USB slot. Convenient and easy to use.

Beautiful color and health for both fish and plants!

Non-toxic and radiation-free, will keep your glow fish, betta, goldfish, jellyfish or live plants healthy.



1 When set up or disassemble, please unplug it.

2 Adapter can’t touch water



Package include:

1*aquarium light

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