Mini Water Changer Multi-Function Fish Tank Manual Squeeze Water Changer Cleaning Tool For Small Fish Tank Aquarium

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1. Remove the dirt and residual feed at the mini fish tank bottom. As a mini-tank water changer device, it is incomparable.

2. It is suitable for brine shrimps, red worms and daphnias feeding after food unfreezing, and living feed or small particles of liquid feed is also suitable.

3. Add a liquid additive to the tank as a measuring tool.

4. Application: Water pumping and changing for small fish tank, fish disease treatment for large fish tank. Put the liquid fish medicine into the fish tank, accurate and practical, beautiful and small.



Material: Plastic

Color: As the picture shows

Maximum water absorption: 30ML

Scale: 10ML, 15ML, 20ML, 30ML four gears.

Role: It can be used to feed red worms, daphnias and brine shrimps. Garbage and the remnants of bait are filtered into the tank. The oversized dropper made of PVC material is not easy to be damaged. It can be also used as dosage tool for water quality regulator, nitrifying bacteria, aquatic liquid fertilizer, 52 and other liquid adding, which is very convenient.



1. Please clean the product before use.

2. The dropper end and the pipe part are tightly connected. Please use after confirming.


Note: The amount of water absorbed by dropper can be adjusted by controlling the strength of grasping the dropper end.


Pacakge includes:

1 x Mini Water Changer

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