Simulated water grass,Aquarium decorations, landscaping plants.

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Material: green plastic + ceramic base

Packing: opp bag (10 pcs/pack) 

Weight: 17g 

Size:  High 10cm  differ

Instructions for use: Water plants may cause deformation of water plants during the packaging process,which can be reduced by soaking in 70-°80°water.

Note: Do not expose to the sun, do not put the temperature above 65 °.

Water grass leaves:

 The simulated water grass leaves and grass roots are made of TPC environmentally friendly materials, which do not affect the water quality. They are not sprayed with the same appearance as other water plants, which easily lead to fading and affect water quality. We use the coloring to integrate the raw materials and then shape them. Although the cost is much higher, the quality and color will be much better, and there is no problem of color loss.

 Ceramic base:

 The simulated water grass base adopts a ceramic base. The ceramic is pulverized and mixed with clay and various natural minerals. It is non-toxic and harmless, and has good stability in water.

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