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Air Stone Aerator Fish Tank Pond Pump 


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent workmanship, good aeration effect
  • Widely used in:
  • 1 fish ponds (aquaculture plants) increase oxygen for eutrophic water body in environment and biological culture.
  • 2 increase oxygen for live fish and seafood transport, increase the amount of oxygen dissolved, prolong their lifetime
  • 3 aquarium (purifiers) purification and filtration; water quality ozone sterilization and oxygen increasing.
  • 4 sewage treatment plant for aeration and agitation, to prevent deposition of large particles of sediments and remove part of organic matters


  • Material: Fine sand
  • Color: Ink blue
  • Size: 40*170mm;
  •          40*220mm;
  •          50*150mm;
  •          50*200mm;
  •          50*300mm;
  • Weight: 40*170mm   44g/1.5oz;
  •              40*220mm   58g/2oz;
  •              50*150mm   112g/3.9oz;
  •              50*200mm   124g/4.4oz;
  •              50*300mm   146g/5.1oz;

Package included:

  • 1xAir stone

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