WT116 Submersible Water Heater Heating Rod For Aquarium Fish Tank 50W/100W/200W/300W

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Submersible Water Heater Heating Rod For Aquarium

Product Description
1,This item are suitable for freshwater and seawater

2.Heating range is 16°C-32°C,electric Voltage is AC220V/50HZ
3.The heater will stop working for water or room temperature over 32°Cthe power inditcat or will not be glowed.
4.When setting up a temperature ,but water cannot reach to the temperature due to the following reasons
a,Checking power source if it is connected  properly
b,Checking water circulation ,suggest to switch on water pump

c,  Making sure the water level should reach the lower,water Mark or otherwise the heater cannot work properly

d,Do not immerse heater into sand and rock,it will affect heating process

f,Pls place vertical or 45°C angle into water.(we suggest place is vertically)
gindicator light glow means the heater is working and if the temperature reach to the pre-set temperature ,the heater will stop and indicator light will not glow .


1.The heater can not work without immerse in water.
2.Please switch off power and leave it cool down in water for at lease 15 minutes before taking out or remove from the aquarium to prevent heating injury,don’t use cleaning agent ,solvent ,acid to clean the plastic accesstonis
3.this is not a toy abd don’t let child or improper person to use the heater,it must be used under a good guidance condition for safety reason.


What you can get :1 * Heating Rod (US plug) 

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