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Upettools 2 Outlets Aquarium Air Pump 4W for Fish Tank 20-120gal

Upettools 2 Outlets Aquarium Air Pump 4W for Fish Tank 20-120gal

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2 Outlets Aquarium Air Pump Kit with 2 Air stone, 5m silicone tubing.

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aquarium air pump

Upettools Double Outlet Oxygen Pump is Perfect for Both Freshwater and Marine Depth Water Fish Tank

Key Features:

1. Aquarium Air Pump with Dual Outlets
Designed as dual outlets' fish tank pump (4 watt power). This air pump can support the air stone to add oxygen in the depth of 6.5 Ft.

2. Adjustable Oxygen Pump
According to the size of your fish tank, the air flow can be freely adjusted volume.

3. Powerful Motor
Equipped with powerful power can generate a large amount of aeration,
for 20-120gal fish tank,
Max Flow Rate: 2.5L/Min*2.

4. Shockproof & Stable Performance Aerator Pump
With 4 solid rubber feets on the bottom of fish tank pump, ensures to absorb and reduce the noise generated by the friction.

aquarium air pump Noise reduction4W aquarium air pump adjustableaquarium air pump 2 outlets

Noise Reduction
The base with rubber feet can reduce the noise. It will not fall off after using the suction-type air pump for a while, nor vibration when working like a hook-type air pump.

You can turn the air pump knob to adjust the flow rate to your tank size.

2 Outlets
This powerful aquarium air pump with 2 outlets, can be connected with two air stones, or with only one air stone and one filter setting.


Voltage: 110-130V/60HZ
Power: 4W
Air Pressure: 0.016Mpa
Volume: 2.5L/Min*2
Applicable: 20-120 Gallon

aquarium air pump specificationaquarium air pump 20-120 Gallonaquarium air pump Accessories

Package Included:

1 x 16.4 ft (5m) silicone tubing
2 x air stone
2 x return valve
2 x suction cups
1 x 4W Air Pump

4w aquarium air pump

Directions for Use:

1. Cut the tubing to the length needed.
2. Attach the airline to the pump, and connect the air stone to the other end of airline.
3. Place the air pump in a smart position above the water surface of the aquarium to avoid the phenomenon the air punp stops flowing in the pump. If the air pump is lower than the water surface, a check valve must be installed (use the right direction).
4. Plug the pump in and adjust the Dial.

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