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Boxtech Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder 220ml

Boxtech Aquarium Automatic Fish Feeder 220ml

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220ML Automatic Fish Feeder 8/12/24/48H Vacation Fish Feeder for Aquarium Fish Tank Every Day Smart Timer Fish Feeder Food Dispenser


aquarium auto fish feeder

Key Features:

1. Automatic Timed Feeding
Feed the fish regularly, or you can press the "Manual" button to start feeding immediately. Don't worry about your fish not being fed when you're not home.

2. Press a Key to Run
After installing two 1.5V batteries, Press and hold the corresponding button (8h/12h/24/48h) according to the feeding frequency to enter the automatic feeding mode.
(battery not included).

3. Two Installation Methods
The fish tank without a cover can be clamped on the wall of the fish tank; the fish tank with a cover can be placed flat on the top of the fish tank (there is a flat mount in the accessories, no need Fix the feeder on the fish tank by sticking)

4. Feeding Funnel
Through the feeding funnel, the fish food can be directly added to the feeder without removing it or worrying about the fish food spilling out.

5. Multi-purpose
Suitable for most types of fish food such as flakes, pellets, powders and strips, suitable for fish tanks and aquariums, you can even feed most pet fish, turtles, salamanders and frogs.

auto aquarium fish feeder

Two Operating Modes
Automatic Feeding Mode:

1. Press any one of the(8Hr/12Hr/24Hr/48Hr)Buttons, the Indicator Above the Button Light up, and Enter the Automatic Mode.
2. In automatic feeding mode, press manual once, the feeder feeds once extra.

Manual Feeding Mode

Press and hold manual for 5S until the light above lights up, the automatic feeding mode switches to manual feeding mode. Each time you press the manual, the feeder feeds once.

Package Included:

1 x fish feeder
1x feeding funnel 1x flat mount base
1 x Clip Fixed base

automatic fish feeder package

Instructions for use

aquarium auto fish feeder  aquarium auto fish feeder aquarium auto fish feeder  aquarium auto fish feeder
Put two 1.5V batteries into the battery compartment and select the feeding interval According to the characteristics of the fish tank to choose the appropriate feeder fixed way: clip use or flat use Put the fish food into the silo According to the size of the fish food and the amount of feeding, adjust the size of the feeder outlet

aquarium auto fish feeder

Installation Method

Clip use: clip the feeder on the sidewall of the fish tank and tighten the knob to fix it.

Flat use: the fish feeder will be placed on the flat-mount base, then they can be placed on the fish tank cover (feeder spout needs to be aligned with the feeding opening)

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Suit for 1-10 Gal > 10 Gal 55-80 Gal 5-120 Gal <60 Gal

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