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Boxtech 1 Gallon USB Desktop Aquarium Kit

Boxtech 1 Gallon USB Desktop Aquarium Kit Green


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USB Mini Desktop Acrylic Aquarium Fish tank with 3 Color selection led ligtht for Mini Betta Goldfish Snail Tropical Fish.


USB Mini fish tank

Fish Tank Desktop Aquarium Kit

1. It takes up little space in your desk, suitable for office and home. When work is not going well, stop and look at the small fish swimming around in the small fish tank, you will forget all the troubles. Perfect for small ornamental fishes.

2. If you have any fish in the tank can teach your kids how to look after them properly

3. This tank is suitable for novice or children to keep fish, the floor area is not very large, but it's suitable for viewing on the desktop

USB Mini fish tank accessories

Key Features:

1. Innovative Design
LED Aquarium, Small Acrylic Goldfish Bowl, Desktop clear Betta Ecological Fish Tank Desktop Children, Fish Tank for Living Room, Bedroom, Study, Office

2. Tank Filter & Oxygen
Three-Layer sponge and water pump at the bottom of the fish tank, can Circulating Filtration, Maintain a Clear Water Source for a long time

3. Bright Lights
Energy-efficient LED lighting with 3 color selections to brightly illuminate your fish, bringing you a colorful aquarium environment

4. Easy Installation
Connect tube with water pump, Plugged in USB power input port and USB power output ports

USB Mini fish tank's light

The bottom Filter system, can be Freely Matched with Aquarium Filter Media

USB Mini fish tank filter system

USB Mini fish tank filter system

  • The filter system at the bottom of the fish tank can keep the water clear for a long time.
  • This is a circulating system composed of hydroponic plants and aquatic animals. The detachable basket on the top of the betta fish tank can be put hydroponic plants. With a powerful water pump and sponge filter system, the Mini fish tank supplies oxygen to the aquatic creatures by siphon, to achieve the purpose of purifying water quality and nourishing plants.
  • Please Note: The package does not contain the decorative items in the fish tank.

USB Mini fish tank details

USB Mini fish tank size


Product Size: 21.3*19*9.5 cm

Product Color: White / Green

Product Power: Lamp 3-10W / Pump 0.5W

Power Supply Mode: USB Power Supply

Circulation Mode: Overflow Bottom Filter with LED Lighting with Built-In Filter System

Aquarium Starter Kit Included

1 x Fish Tank

1 x Water Pump

USB Mini fish tank details


1. What size fish is this tank suitable for?

You can have 2-3 small fish (2-3 cm long) (Guppies, cardinal Tetras, shrimp, etc) or raise a betta alone.

2. Do fish tanks need to equip with filters?

See the product video, the lower part of fish tank has a perfect filter system, no need to equip extra filters.

3. How often should the tank be changed?

Under the condition that the water quality is maintained well, the water can change every 7-10 days, and only half of the water needs to be changed each time. Otherwise, the living environment of the fish will be damaged!

4. Do the sponges in the fish tank need to be thrown away?

When cleaning the filter cotton, take the water in the fish tank and gently rub the filter cotton to wash off the attached particles and impurities.
It is not suitable to use tap water to avoid nitrifying bacteria being washed away.
The filter cotton will gradually become thinner after cleaning and need to be replaced every 1-3 months according to the degree of aging.

Some filter media add appropriately to maintain the water quality!

5. What is the capacity of the fish tank?

The overall capacity including the filtration system is 4 Liters, and the Fish Activity place is 2 Liters.

Tips: If you have big fish or a lot of fish, you can choose other suitable fish tanks

Customer Reviews

Nice fish habitat Review by Greg M.
My fish loves it. Nice and quiet and new and easy to clean. Great for my 48 cent goldfish. Fish really enjoyed the change. I love it. (Posted on 7/5/2022)

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